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I am a product of my raising. My organic, natural and true to the earth living is a gift from a simpler generation. Raised by grandparents as child #10 with my great grandmother next door, it is no surprise that I grew to be a caretaker and healer of boo boos. We raised chickens, ate organic locally grown foods, bought milk from the farm, composted, hung our laundry on the line to dry and made our own medicine — way before it was a trendy eco-friendly thing to do.

I have knowledge accumulated from obtaining a license in massage & bodywork, a Certification in Naturopathic Medicine, a course in Herbal Medicine and endless classes and research.

My husband and I along with our four kiddos and one good dog have loved and lived in a few sweet spots throughout the South, before landing in a historic cottage on two overgrown acres in a small town just north of New Orleans. 



Born out of necessity, as some of the best things are, our Herbal Skin Remedy was created as a holiday gift to be shared with friends and family. 

Amazing testimonials and the request for more product came shortly after gifting this healing salve. Realizing that the salve had potential to be more than just a gift, Leaf + Root was born.